Weather and Locations

Kangaroo Island Marine Adventure tours operate in the calm waters of the North Coast of Kangaroo Island.

The swims are usually conducted in shallow protected water, between 1 and 3 metres deep, usually quite close to the coast. These shallow and safe areas are where we find our freindly dolphins during the day.

Weather - Don't believe everything you hear ...

Kangaroo Island is an amazing place. A weather forecast might indeed say that the island will be windy, but so often, the bays and coastal areas we visit our dolphins, whales and marine life are protected from bad conditions. You might leave Kingscote in a stiff breeze, and arrive at our favourite bays with little or no wind at all!

So if you do read a forecast that you think might not be good for a tour, please don't worry and do not assume the tour is cancelled. First, telephone us. We understand our weather patterns and will advise you if your tour is proceeding.

We do NOT put our customers at risk and we DO want everyone to have a fun day. So we only take tours out if we are confident that people will enjoy it.

Our knowledge of alternate places to visit "if the wind is blowing a certain direction" is great.

Local Knowledge, to ensure you go home with a smile.

Phone us on (08) 8553 3227 with any questions about the weather, or if you are worried your departure location might have changed. We are happy to receive your call.